Three steps towards a more secure online life

Whether it’s happened to you, or someone you know, the security risks associated with computer usage are well documented. Attacks can take several forms, from losing valuable time due to lost work, through to being defrauded or even having your identity stolen. While most people assume that security breaches are an occupational hazard, there are some very simple actions which you can take to reduce your susceptibility to them. And they needn’t cost the earth. Here are our top three tips to make your online life more secure.

  1. Choose your passwords carefully. It may sound obvious, but you will amazed how many people use the same password for everything, only to be shocked that their information has been compromised. Take the time to pick strong passwords which use a minimum of 8 characters and include a mixture of text, symbols and numbers. And most importantly, don’t use this same password on all websites, especially ones through which you are making online payments. offers a top security system to its players, protecting all their data.


  1. Take care with cloud storage. When it comes to storing sensitive information in the cloud, proceed with caution. While cloud storage companies claim that their services are secure, an independent study by the Economist indicates that some companies may be guilty of overstating their security policies. Take extra precautions and encrypt the data, just for peace of mind.


  1. Install Anti Virus protection. While the threats associated with viruses may not be what they once were, this should not discourage you from investing in ample Anti Virus protection. Whether you use freeware, such as Avast!, or paid software, from companies such as Norton, the relatively small investment could pay dividends. Be especially careful around online casinos and be sure to only choose safe ones. Choose safely, choose Zodiac Casino Canada!

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