Should Your Next Computer be a PC or a Tablet?

Recently, there have been a lot of headlines about the “death” of the PC. Windows 8 has received a lukewarm reception, and the rollout of this new OS hasn’t really seemed to inspire people to buy new Windows PCs. In fact, shipments of PCs dropped nearly 5 percent at the end of 2012, leaving many analysts convinced that weak holiday sales were indicative of more than a general economic slump.

While tablet manufacturers initially envisioned their product as a complement to the PC, not a competitor, it seems that consumers aren’t seeing it that way. Instead of buying a new PC, many consumers are opting to buy a tablet instead. Is this the right move for you too?

Whether you should buy a tablet or a PC depends mainly on what you use your computer for most. If you do a lot of tasks that require a lot of processing power, like graphic design or photo manipulation, you probably need a PC. Another reason for a PC would be if you usually download a lot of videos and music, as useful video downloader plugins (like from will not work on a tablet. If, however, you’re like most casual computer users who basically use their computers as a glorified internet browser, you may be happier with a tablet. Tablets are more portable than PCs, can double as eReaders, and have enough power let you surf the web, type emails, and create the occasional Word doc or Excel spreadsheet.

The main complaint people have about tablets is that they lack a traditional keyboard. This can be hard to get used to, but if you plan to use your tablet instead of a PC at home, you can easily attach all your supporting gadgets like a keyboard, mouse, and speakers. It’s a PC experience, but you get all the extra features of a tablet. What’s not to like? Keep in mind that you will be able to do anything on both devices, booking holidays, checking for a recipe or playing online casinos has never been that convenient. Thanks to amazing design, online games will look real on both PC and tablet. Check out the games available with onlinecasinosguidelines and you’ll be delighted to see that online gambling has never be that great.…