How Safe are Online Casinos?

I don’t know a single person that feels comfortable downloading software from an online casino. Everyone is scared of catching a virus or some other kind of malicious software that invades your system, gets into your personal details and sends out spammy emails from your personal email account. If you are wondering what a trustworthy casino looks like then you need to checkĀ

I wanted to clear up that myth, cause I myself am a passionate online gambler, and can recommend a few of the sites that give advice on the best online casinos and test them, so you sure are on the safe side! There sure is nothing more annoying than your gameplay being interrupted by an unwelcome guest on your computer, and that has scared many off this great hobby already. So let’s get started with my tips:

First of all, at are the best microgaming casinos in a nice, clear list. You can even see how much you need to deposit to get the ‘free bonus’ they always offer, and they even list all their offers for you, so you can easily decide which casino suits you best! All tested and guaranteed free from viruses! There is another German blog which looks at casinos and games,, but that’s only for you if you speak German, of course. The reviews provided here are amazing though, so I recommend having a look anyway, just for the fun of it! Another guard out there who is watching your safety is They review casinos regularly and also give you a lot more tips on what to look out for if you are searching for online casinos yourself! If you are for a fast choice, they advertise the best casinos in their header banner, and those are amongst my absolute favourites! For example, try Casino Action for a bit of free fun before you commit to anything. They offer one hour of free play which has absolutely no risk for you, and you can even win up to $100 bonus for the REAL game. Awesome offer, me thinks…

Still not enough reviews found? You can also take a look at! For reviews that focus more on the best offers, find a site that compares different casino bonus offers directly so you don’t have to click through a thousand sites that all offer ‘free money’ when there usually is a minimum deposit to make before you receive anything, referring to my statements from above. A clear list can really save you a lot of hassle along the way!

Another thing you might look for is online slots, and which are best, or whichever casino games you prefer! I can refer to the German blog again, or if you are after high limit slots there are quite a few great ones out there where you can get your chips rolling in big wins! I love especially any slots offered by microgaming, the best and latest one are available on if you are curious, just visit their site and casino games section. Their software is the safest I know, and offers great graphics, sound and the ultimate casino feel. I’m sure always having fun whenever I go there!

Anyway, let me know how you go! Maybe you even find a few more casinos I haven’t tried yet?

Stay Safe!…