Could the Little Moe Robot Stop Ebola?

The concerns about the Ebola virus in the United States has become a very serious problem. However, the Xenex company out of San Antonio has developed a robot that may be capable of controlling the virus. This could work well for one of the biggest medical concerns that people around the country have at this given time. Xenex has spent years working on the Little Moe robot. This is a robot that [...]

Shopping Carts Online Security

If you own an online shop such as Larouv, or other E-Commerce style sites, then your shopping cart software is a vital aspect of the business. Not only is it the way in which customers make purchases from you, it is the heartbeat of your business, which generates your income and hopefully, turns you a profit. As such, shopping cart software is one of the most key ingredients of any successful [...]

The Benefits of Instant Online Computer Technical Support

As technology advances and people depend more on their computer for work and play, the chance of something going wrong with these machines increases and puts valuable data at risk. Damage from viruses and other issues can cause computers to slow down or malfunction and can lead to the loss of valuable data. If you have ever encountered this issue, then you know it can take days or sometimes weeks [...]

Sixth Sense Technology

It all started with an old roller-ball type mouse. Pranav Mistry, a computer engineer at MIT, Boston MA, wanted to extend the interfacing of humans and computers and with a vision to go beyond keyboards, touch-screens and mice, he set out to bring in a new era in personal computing. Using the rollers found in a mouse and wound with wires connected to five thimbles, he was able to create a glove [...]