How to make sure an online casino is safe, legit and not a scam?

When it comes to online casinos, safety is one of the most critical issues to online gamblers because your money is at stake. Losing money from a game is one thing, but being scammed from your entire bank account by a hacker is definitely worse.  

 For this very reason, you need to gamble responsibly at any online casino especially a casino you’ve decided to share your personal information with.     In this article, we will show you six ways on how to make sure an online casino is safe and legit.

1. Look for a licensed online casino. Before giving your personal information to an online casino, make sure you have done the necessary research into the casino. You must to do your part and make sure that everything checks out. Every licensed online casino must comply with a set of rules and criteria if they want to continue running their business. Always go with an authorized online casino because an approved online casino will protect the platform from possible hackers. You can click on this list of online casino canada where you will only find trustworthy online casinos, all provided by Microgaming, the most reliable gaming software

2. Safe logins This is the most obvious method of security. The log-in systems of online casinos must be safe. Each player must secure their account with a password that is encoded and then stored in a secure database. When you choose an online casino, you must be confident that you’re using a reliable and safe site.

3. Review the payment methods When it comes to online gambling, safety is more than just in the online casino itself. Even if the Online casino might be safe, you must also make sure that the payment system itself is secure.   Make sure the online platform is using trusted brands like Skrill, MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, and PayPal. These brands are licensed and have many years of experience so your cash will be secure

4. Compare Online Reviews An online casino with a lot of negative reviews is most probably insecure. Players rarely lie about what we went through when they used online casinos. If most reviews about a casino say the online platform doesn’t process withdrawals, listen to the reviews and don’t join the online platform. Google tends to post the most popular review websites right on top of its first page. It’s always wise to read more than one review to know what several people are saying about the online casino. What’s a good review? You can check for trustworthy sites such as, a finnish site who’s been receiving really great reviews about its online casinos.

5. Anti-fraud team The most critical feature of a trusted online casino is its anti-fraud team. Most trusted online casino have a team of fraud specialists who are regularly observing player activity. If they notice something peculiar, like a player trying to scam other players, they will stop it immediately. Anti-fraud teams also browse through internal discussions, playing techniques and communications between players to increase safety. When the anti-fraud team detects an abnormal pattern, the system flags up, and the unit would review a user, suspend their account and probably even seize funds if they have been obtained illegally. If you think you may be the victim of a fraud, talk to the customer team of your online casino and check to find more info about the process.

In conclusion, always do your research before you deposit your money in an online casino if you want to know the platform is legit and not a scam. Start by examining the casino’s information and also read online reviews before you become an online gambler. …

Cyber security for casinos in India

Online gaming security is one of the most pressing issues that online casinos and sports betting sites confront. This dilemma continues to hurt both the game provider and the players alike in India. From the provider’s side, a flawed security system makes it more difficult for them to retain their members. A massive spillover of players takes place whenever news of a hacked casino site spreads.

On the other hand, when it comes to the members’ part, this matter spreads fear and therefore, makes it harder for them to find for a reputable casino site at India, we recommend having a look around before choosing to play, check out a site like and read some reviews. But through the years, the creation of sophisticated security systems and the implementation of security policies, enable providers to gain the trust and confidence of their patrons. Through the help of certain programs and applications, they are able to guarantee the safety of their members.
One of the precautionary measures that online casino and sports betting providers use is encryption. This method prevents cyber criminals from hacking or stealing vital information such as the player’s name or credit card details. In order to perform their act successfully, these hackers will need a key to decrypt the confidential information stored in the casino site’s server.

To support encryption and make the site more secured, some online casinos and sports betting sites form a department, whose tasks is to verify the integrity of the information or details that they receive. They track the player’s activities and record any suspicious events. Aside from encryption, reputable gambling sites secure a license first before they operate. And mind you, this is not easy to obtain and very expensive too. Thus, it is evident that only the ones, who can afford, will get the license. Any betting or casino site, which operates without permission will be heavily
sanctioned and penalized. Third-party certifications are also obtained to ensure safety and security. A classic example of this is the Technical Systems Testing (TST) company, which readily tests the software used by the online casino and sports betting sites. In the online betting world, getting a TST certificate is a good thing.

Whether or not you’re looking for a little fun with enjoying Free Online Casino Games, or in case you are looking to perfect and also master a particular game, Free Online Casinos are certainly in a position to provide players with all this plus more. secure gambling guides you will discover a great set of Free Web Casinos as well as thorough reviews and truthful ratings.

The tests done by the said establishment are rigid and indeed, only a chosen few passes the evaluation. However, the burden of ensuring safety is not solely exclusive to online casino and betting sites. Members must also do their part in keeping a safe gaming environment. They must be vigilant in protecting the integrity of their preferred game provider. It takes two to tango. And if both parties want to earn the trust of their targets and regular players, both of them should work hard for it. India is not the only country concerned and worldwide casinos meet the cyber security dilemma. Regardless of where you’re based a good site we recommend you to visit is yukon-goldcasino, it is also a reputable site offering a secured service and games.…

Could the Little Moe Robot Stop Ebola?

The concerns about the Ebola virus in the United States has become a very serious problem. However, the Xenex company out of San Antonio has developed a robot that may be capable of controlling the virus. This could work well for one of the biggest medical concerns that people around the country have at this given time.

Xenex has spent years working on the Little Moe robot. This is a robot that emits ultraviolet light pulses. The UV light will get beamed onto various surfaces to damage the DNA strands found in many viruses. This is to protect the surfaces in a space and to keep them from being impacted by far too many components from foreign bodies. The goal is to especially ensure that rooms where patients are being treated in will be safe and free from the risks that might come with certain medical issues as they appear in a spot.

A xenon lamp will be used by the robot to emit the light. It works after the machine is rolled into a room and programmed. The robot will operate based on the type of room being utilized and the individual characteristics that have been programmed into its software.

The UV light will be emitted in pulses that are sent out at a rate of 1.5 times per second. It can take care of germs in a single room in about five to ten minutes on average.

The Little Moe technology from Xenex is already growing in terms of its overall popularity. There are about 250 hospitals around the United States that have been working with this device in recent time.

The robot is expected to be in high demand in the future as some recent tests have found that the robot’s UV beams are capable of taking care of the Ebola virus. The robot can eliminate the strands of DNA from the Ebola virus in a single room in about two to five minutes.

The unit focuses on the DNA and will eliminate it as needed. The unit is only designed to work against bacteria and germs like what can be found in the Ebola virus. It is unclear as to whether or not there are any viral infections that the Little Moe device is unable to target.

The infection rates that come with many viruses after the Little Moe unit works in a room is very minimal. It is estimated that the infection rate is about half as great in a room that has been treated by the robotic unit versus the rate in a room where it was not used.

The potential for the Little Moe robot to stop many germs in hospital treatment rooms makes it a device that is very promising and appealing with regards to how it is able to stop many problems. The fact that it can also work well against the Ebola virus makes for a unit that may be very effective and beneficial for the requirements that one might have in general.…

Shopping Carts Online Security

If you own an online shop such as Larouv, or other E-Commerce style sites, then your shopping cart software is a vital aspect of the business. Not only is it the way in which customers make purchases from you, it is the heartbeat of your business, which generates your income and hopefully, turns you a profit.

As such, shopping cart software is one of the most key ingredients of any successful shopping site, however due to the fact that they often contain sensitive information about the user, as well as financial details and transactions, they are often the target for hackers.

Therefore, you need to ensure your shopping cart offers both the customer complete confidence that they can order from you safely and securely, while at the same time protecting your site and shopping cart from the attentions of unscrupulous hackers. If you’re using any recurring payment software make sure it is PCI audited.

The best way to do this is to ensure that when you build your site, you have the shopping cart as a central theme running through all stages of the site design. When you do this, you can more easily ensure that your shopping cart system is secured and runs smoothly with all areas of your website.

Hackers are quick to use different methods to try and get at your shopping cart security such as SQL Injection code, hacking software that allows them to manipulate the prices of the goods you sell, cross-site scripting and buffer overflows.

All of which can lead to the leakage of sensitive data, or hackers being able to manipulate your site by changing the price of items they want to buy.
Fortunately, by using a top class development team to build your shopping cart as central to your site, the chances of these types of attacks affecting your site can be greatly minimised. By carefully assessing the information you need to keep secure and private, your shopping cart software can be made both more secure and also run more smoothly with your site.

A careful design process, combined with excellent coders, who follow secure coding guidelines, is the best way to ensure your Shopping Carts online security permanently.…

The Benefits of Instant Online Computer Technical Support

As technology advances and people depend more on their computer for work and play, the chance of something going wrong with these machines increases and puts valuable data at risk. Damage from viruses and other issues can cause computers to slow down or malfunction and can lead to the loss of valuable data. If you have ever encountered this issue, then you know it can take days or sometimes weeks to get your PC or laptop fixed when you take it to a repair shop. However, you can avoid the wait and the expense of having to take your computer to these shops by taking advantage of instant online computer technical support.

Instant Removal of Malware

When you’re working online, there’s always a chance that your computer could pick up a computer virus or some type of malware that slows your computer down and makes it run less efficiently. In many cases, you might not even be aware that the malware exists, even if your computer has virus software. While these software programs do protect against many different kinds of viruses, malware has the ability to sometimes slip through your computer’s defense system and do damage that results in a slower operating system and glitches that you can’t explain. Instant online tech support can help you identify and eliminate malware by connecting to your system through a remote secure location and removing the programs.

Support is Always Available

technicianTechnology has also changed the traditional nine-to-five workday, and there may be times in the evenings or on a weekend when something goes wrong with your computer and you need support for data recovery or to remove a harmful virus. Having access to 24-hour online tech support allows you to avoid having to wait until Monday morning to get your system fixed so that you can recover important files and get back to work faster. It’s not a surprise that online casinos have decided to offer a 24/7 support via a live chat system. Many casinos have a support department available at anytime of the day, week, year such as the ones available at and When tech support is only a mouse click away, you can work and play online with complete peace of mind.…

Sixth Sense Technology

It all started with an old roller-ball type mouse. Pranav Mistry, a computer engineer at MIT, Boston MA, wanted to extend the interfacing of humans and computers and with a vision to go beyond keyboards, touch-screens and mice, he set out to bring in a new era in personal computing. Using the rollers found in a mouse and wound with wires connected to five thimbles, he was able to create a glove like controller where different gestures made with the fingers could operate a small computing unit to perform a myriad of tasks.

At the mere cost of around forty dollars, he was able to create a virtual hand which could mimic gestures done with the glove. Since these humble beginnings, his innovation and experimentation has now resulted in a unique personal computing system. Called Sixth Sense Technology, it consists of an optical camera, infrared sensor, projector and a microphone on a pod that hangs down the front, connected to a small computing console that fits into a regular sized backpack. It can be operated on the move and can use any surface as the screen be it a wall, floor, paper or even your hand.

Sixth-sense-w-computer-icons-from-geek-dot-comThimbles of assorted colors on fingertips serve as reference points and moving them in a unique way performs the corresponding action. For example, forming an L shape and an inverted L shape with the two index and thumb fingers to make a picture frame gesture automatically signals the camera to take a photo. With a cellular connection, a Numpad can be made to appear on the palm of your hand and a call can be made. The number of possibilities with this unique interface is limited only by our creativity. This technology has the potential to truly become one of our basic senses.

We’d love to try this on several occasions. E.g. online casinos have brought us to being able to play casino games in the comfort of our own home (see How about trying it outside in the woods while going for a nice walk? We’re astonished of this idea and can’t wait to try it!…