3 Strategies for Protecting Your Computer Files

Computers are becoming more and more reliable, but no matter how advanced your system is, you can still be at risk of losing your files. You might lose your important saved documents, your music library, and your digital photos due to a system crash, theft, or physical damage to your computer. Fortunately, there are several ways you can back up your important files and protect them against loss, and it’s easy as learning how to play blackjack!

Make Physical Backups

This low tech strategy dates from when computers didn’t have much internal memory and all your files were stored on floppy discs as a matter of course. Today, you can back your files up by burning them to a disc, copying them to a flash drive, or even saving them to a detachable external hard drive. The major shortcomings of this approach are that you have to create backups by hand, and you risk your external media becoming obsolete after a few years. Of course, this takes a lot of time, but you can always browse through the web and find useful stuff while waiting. I personally like to gamble whenever I wait for my computer to finish a task and can recommend hollandonlinecasino.nl.

Use the Cloud

Cloud computing allows you to access offsite memory and processing power from your individual computer. There are plenty of products and services that allow you to quickly and easily access the cloud and save copies of your files there, including Google Drive and Dropbox. You can compare cloud storage sites here.

Use Backup Software

One final option for protecting your computer files is to use full-service backup software like Carbonite. These services even allow you to automate the backup process by syncing your hard drive with your storage folder at regular scheduled intervals. Some of them even offer the capacity to back up your external hard drive as well for a double layer of security

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